NEWS – Anticipating Surge in Dengue Cases: Negros Oriental Gears Up for Impact of Extreme Weather

Negros Oriental’s Provincial Health Office (PHO) is anticipating a potential surge in dengue cases attributed to the onset of the El Niño phenomenon projected to commence this month, bringing about extreme weather conditions such as heavy rainfall and prolonged dry spells.

Dr. Liland Estacion, the PHO chief, emphasized on Wednesday that despite a decrease in dengue cases in 2023 compared to the preceding year, the public should remain vigilant. Estacion highlighted that the upcoming heavy rainfall could create more breeding grounds for the mosquitoes, carriers of the lethal dengue virus.

The traditional concept of a “dengue season,” typically occurring from mid-year onward, has become obsolete due to various factors such as climate change and an expanding population, as noted by the health official.

PHO records reveal that Negros Oriental reported 1,503 dengue cases and five fatalities in 2023, marking a 35 percent reduction from the 2022 figures of 2,300 cases and 11 deaths.

The top ten cities and municipalities with the highest dengue cases in the previous year were Dumaguete City (220 cases), La Libertad (164), Sibulan (116), Bindoy (98), Bais City (88), Siaton (88), Ayungon (76), Valencia (69), Tanjay City (65), and Manjuyod (64).

Tragically, the reported deaths occurred in Ayungon, Valencia, Mabinay, Pamplona, and Sibulan. The PHO’s proactive stance serves as a reminder for the community to stay vigilant and take necessary precautions in the face of potential health challenges.

Source: PNA

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