Photo of the Day for January 12, 2024 – At the plaza of Bais City

Bais City, situated in the Negros Oriental province of the Philippines, stands out as one of the cleanest and safest cities in the region. Its primary tourist attraction is the captivating experience of dolphin watching in the Tañon Strait, nestled between Bais and the neighboring island of Cebu.

With a population exceeding 76,000 as of 2015, the city thrives on the major economic activity of sugar cane cultivation. The local landscape is shaped by a handful of affluent families who wield considerable influence over both the political and economic spheres. While the central market has recently undergone a transformation into a distinctive two-storey building, reflecting an unconventional design, pedicabs continue to traverse the streets—a lasting legacy of a Dutch NGO’s initiative aimed at alleviating rural poverty.

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