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The provincial administration of Negros Oriental is gearing up to create a demonstration farm for cultivating bulb onions in response to the surging prices of this vegetable nationwide.

Emmanuel Caduyac, the Officer-in-Charge (OIC) of the Provincial Agriculture Office (PAO), revealed on Tuesday that representatives from East-West Seed Corp. Philippines are scheduled to visit the province next week to discuss a potential partnership.

“East-West Seed company will supply us with complimentary bulb onion seeds and the technology needed for cultivation. The provincial government will designate the demo farm’s location and provide additional expertise,” he explained in a mix of English and Cebuano.

This initiative comes as onion prices in Negros Oriental persist at PHP400 to PHP700 per kilogram, according to the weekly monitoring by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI).

Caduyac emphasized Governor Roel Degamo’s strong support for the project, with funding set to be included in the proposed agriculture budget of PHP130 million for the current year.

Negros Oriental boasts ample land and a climate conducive to onion cultivation, similar to Iloilo and Central Luzon where larger onion plantations thrive, he noted.

Despite the favorable conditions, local farmers engaging in bulb onion cultivation are relatively scarce, leading to the need for external procurement.

Upon the establishment of the demo farm, Caduyac outlined plans to invite farmers and agriculture officials at the municipal and city levels for a visit, aiming to encourage them to embrace this type of farming.

The entire process of growing onions, from seed planting to harvesting, is expected to take approximately five months.

Source: PNA

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