Dive boat preparation in Dauin

The coastal marine sanctuaries along the Dauin coastline host a plethora of rare marine species, creating a captivating underwater haven for photographers, whether they are beginners or seasoned divers. The dive sites abound with a diverse array of marine life, including triggerfish, parrotfish, pennant fish, moray eels, surgeonfish, snappers, groupers, Moorish idols, lizardfish, gobies, batfish, lionfish, trumpet fish, pufferfish, filefish, emperors, wrasses, fusiliers, and trevallies, to name just a few.

From the smallest transparent shrimp and neon-colored nudibranchs to large basket sponges adorned with numerous multi-colored crinoids, anemones, sea cucumbers, starfish, and worms, an abundance of invertebrates thrives alongside vast numbers of hard and soft corals and gorgonian sea fans. Occasional appearances by turtles, octopus, cuttlefish, manta rays, eagle rays, and sharks add to the enchantment of these underwater ecosystems.

A short boat ride away lies Apo Island, a gem in the Philippine Sea. Designated as a marine protected area since 1982, Apo Island is renowned as one of the Philippines’ premier dive locations. The walls and reefs surrounding the island are densely covered with a remarkable variety of hard and soft corals, providing a habitat for an astonishing abundance of marine life. The dive experiences range from exhilarating roller coaster drifts to gentle, relaxed explorations, ensuring there’s something for every diver.


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