Photo of the Day for January 13, 2024 – Rice delivery

Similar to the majority of the population across the country, residents of Negros Oriental actively participate in the agricultural sector.

In the Central Visayas region, Cebu boasts the highest number of farms, while Negros Oriental secures the second position with a total of 137,100 farms, spanning across 228,000 hectares.

Negros Oriental is renowned for its diverse agricultural output. In addition to staple crops like palay and corn, the province excels in cultivating other major crops, including sugarcane, coconut (with husk), banana, banana saba, and cassava. According to the 2018 data from the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), these top 5 crops are pivotal to the province’s agricultural landscape. Sugarcane takes the lead, dominating the production scene with an impressive volume of 2,179,531.33 metric tons, yielding 55.65 metric tons per hectare. Following closely are coconut (with husk) and banana, with production volumes of 153,049.71 metric tons and 70,449.52 metric tons, respectively.

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