Photo of the Day for December 28, 2023 – Expansive views in the hinterland of Sibulan

Sibulan Trail


Discover this 21.7-kilometer circular trail near Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental. The route is generally classified as moderate and can usually be completed in 5 hours 21 minutes. As the trail is ideal for hiking, mountain biking and walking, you will rarely be alone and will also meet other adventurers during your trip.

This trail is located near the Poblacion area of the well-known city of Dumaguete and is a common trail for the locals. The starting point of the trail is at the Sea Oil Gas Station, where you can park your vehicles. There are also a variety of trails in this forest, so you can customize your walk to your liking. There is a river crossing over a bridge and mango plantations are also present in the area. There is also a good combination of uphill and downhill trails that will challenge your ride.

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