Photo of the Day for December 27, 2023 – Basley Highland Brew Coffee in Dauin

Craving an exceptional coffee experience with a unique ambiance? Look no further than this extraordinary bamboo sanctuary of a coffee shop – a place like no other.

Discovering Baslay Highland Brew Coffee

Situated approximately 40 minutes outside downtown Dumaguete, Baslay Highland Brew Coffee offers an escape like none other. The ideal mode of transportation is a scooter or motorbike, available for rent at $8 USD per day. For those less comfortable with scooters, car rentals are available for $40. Alternatively, you can opt for a public Ceres bus heading South from the Dumaguete terminal, alighting at Dauin public market. From there, a habal-habal (motorcycle taxi) journey up to Baslay awaits, though fair negotiation is essential as the driver will wait and bring you back to town due to the absence of public transport from the mountain’s peak.

The Bamboo Fortress and Beyond

As you arrive, the first sight to captivate your attention is a massive three-story bamboo fortress, serving as both an observation point and a serene spot to savor your coffee. The quaint shack where you place your coffee order stands as the original structure, but as Baslay Highland Brew Coffee gained popularity, so did its facilities. The newly added bamboo tower complements the landscape, offering breathtaking views of the countryside, extending all the way to Apo Island and Mindanao in the distance.

More Than Just Coffee

Beyond being a coffee haven, Baslay Highland Brew Coffee functions as a plantation, where beans are cultivated, roasted, and brewed on-site, ensuring 100% organic coffee. Spearheaded by the Baslay Farmers Association, this project not only delivers pure organic coffee but also supports the local farming community. Packed with robust flavors, the coffee boasts Arabica and Robusta variants, available at $2 per cup. The overall experience positions it as the premier coffee shop near Dumaguete, emphasizing that it’s not just about what’s in the cup.

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