Photo of the Day for December 30, 2023 – One of the bake shops in Bais City

Good morning! In the Philippines, the appreciation for bread, pastries, and cakes goes beyond mere enjoyment – it’s a ritual deeply influenced by the colonial era of the Spanish.

Engage any Filipino in a conversation, and tales of lunch boxes filled with turnovers and rolls, breakfasts featuring bread pockets straight from the local panaderia (bakery), or indulging in sweet, buttery pastries during afternoon merienda (tea) are sure to unfold.

Baked delights hold a special place as pasalubong or souvenirs. Regardless of their global location, Filipinos always yearn for the comforting, nostalgic flavors of their childhood.


When it comes to quintessential Filipino bread, pandesal takes the crown (derived from the Spanish “salt bread”). This breakfast staple is often relished dunked in coffee or hot chocolate.

Crafted from eggs, flour, yeast, salt, and sugar, the humble pandesal boasts a soft and fluffy interior with a delicately crunchy crust.

Filipinos have a penchant for purchasing pandesal fresh from the oven, enjoying them warm either on their own or generously slathered with matamis na bao (coconut jam).

For a heartier breakfast, pandesal may be drizzled with sweet condensed milk or paired with fried eggs and sardines, capturing the essence of a classic Filipino morning.

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