Rural Beekeeping Initiative in NegOr Town Aims to Enhance Local Revenue and Draw Tourist Interest

DUMAGUETE CITY – The Apiary Haven at the Remnants in Valencia, Negros Oriental is crafted to serve as a destination for tourists and learning enthusiasts, aiming to augment the earnings of potential apiculturists and honey manufacturers, as stated by an official on Tuesday.

Desiderio Tilos Jr., Valencia tourism officer and simultaneous public information officer, conveyed to the Philippine News Agency (PNA) that the Apiary Haven bee farm stands as an agri-eco tourism attraction designed to enlighten the public about the significance and function of indigenous honey-producing bees in the ecosystem.

“We have observed an uptick in the demand for unadulterated honey, and this presents an opportunity for the Valencia local government to afford possibilities for local farmers to enhance their income through apiculture and associated undertakings utilizing native materials,” Tilos expressed.

The municipality advocates for the utilization of bamboo, coconut husks, and clay pots as shelters for the bees to construct their hives, offering an affordable option for prospective bee farmers.

Tilos conveyed that the bee farm was envisioned to reinforce the initiative that Valencia is “the orchard of Negros Oriental,” emphasizing the bees’ role as pollinators for a substantial portion of agricultural yields.

Mayor Edgar Teves Jr. spearheaded the inauguration and launch of the Apiary Haven demonstration farm at the municipal agricultural office in Barangay Palinpinon on Tuesday and committed support to the initiative after recognizing its potential, as Tilos explained.

Rico Omoyon, apiculture coordinator, has introduced various species of stingless bees for honey production to the LGU.

He mentioned that approximately a year would transpire before the commencement of harvesting the consumable product.

Lindon Escalante, the municipal agriculturist, emphasized that the bee project would not solely address issues of hunger and poverty but would also align with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal concerning biodiversity protection and conservation.

Visitors exploring the Apiary Haven at the Remnants will relish the breathtaking and verdant landscapes, as the bee farm is nestled deep in the mountains of Valencia.

Diverse varieties of stingless bees are housed in the demonstration farm, which is open to the public without charge, Tilos disclosed.


Source: PNA


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