Photo of the Day for January 04, 2024 – Girls at the wishing well in Valencia

The small town boasts a delightful public plaza, a true gem often overlooked by its residents. Despite its modest size, the plaza strikes a perfect balance between open space and developed areas. The landscaping is tastefully simple, avoiding extravagance, while maintaining cleanliness, order, and a lush green ambiance.

Dominating the scene is a statue of Jose Rizal atop a tall pedestal, surrounded by well-manicured walkways connecting the playground to the expansive open field. In the backdrop, tennis courts add a recreational touch.

An ancient fountain, a relic from Spanish times, graces the plaza. Once a vital water source from mountain springs, it now stands as a decorative element.

Taking advantage of the town’s sloped terrain, an amphitheater enhances the plaza’s charm. This space transforms into a stage for concerts or political rallies, set against the natural incline.

The southern expanse of the plaza is dedicated to an open grassy area, framed by majestic giant acacia trees.

While the town church, constructed in 1961, may not be an architectural marvel, its presence atop a grand wide staircase imparts a majestic aura to the surroundings.

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