Auf dem Bauernmarkt in Valencia

Weekend markets, especially in business districts like Salcedo and Bonifacio Global City, are often visited by city dwellers in droves because they provide the perfect opportunity to sample and buy fresh produce from farmers and unique goods from local vendors. Valencia in Negros Oriental has a similar system, but this time it’s geared towards cutting out the middleman and getting local farmers to sell their crops directly to their community for more profit. This is the Paunay Farmers Market, which is held every Sunday from 4 to 12 p.m. at the Valencia Public Plaza in Negros Oriental.

The inception of the Valencia Paunay Farmers Market traces back to a fundamental idea: providing farmers with a platform to vend their produce, a particularly vital initiative given the substantial rural population. This endeavor led to the establishment of the Valencia Paunay Farmers Association. Albert Tubal, the Tourism Commissioner of Valencia, elaborated on this genesis in an interview with, revealing that the concept took root in 2013. Every Sunday, local farmers from Valencia united under this association to showcase and sell their agricultural products, fostering a vibrant marketplace for the community.

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