Private dive at Dauin Beach

Our last stay in Dauin was a long one of around 10 weeks with our daughter Jenny and her family. The next family had a Reuinon with her son, who had gone to Germany after working as a chef in Saudi Arabia and now lives there. Angelo brought his partner Beatrize, a Portuguese woman, and introduced her to the family.

Gary, Jenny’s husband, has turned her into an enthusiastic diver and so there were several dives right in front of the house during this time. In the background, under the roof of the veranda, you can see the diving island of Apo, which also belongs to Dauin. Dauin is well known in the diving community due to its famous dive sites.

Here are a few pictures from one of these dives. Later we also had a day trip with one of the diving boats to the island of Apo.

SIGHTS of NEGROS ORIENTAL - BLOG - Private dive a Dauin beach
SIGHTS of NEGROS ORIENTAL – BLOG – Private dive a Dauin beach


You can watch the corresponding video here

DIVING in front of the house in DAUIN



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