Photo of the Day for December 20, 2023 – Dive Boat in Dauin

Stretching along Dauin’s picturesque shores are 18 renowned dive sites, most celebrated for their coral and muck diving experiences, unveiling a world of tiny and rare critters that distinguish this locale from others in the Philippines. Scuba diving stands as the primary industry in this coastal town, reaching its pinnacle at Apo Island, an integral part of Dauin’s jurisdiction.

For novice muck divers, the initial impression may convey a sense of desolation in these sandy expanses. However, the true allure lies in the pursuit of rare, peculiar, and almost otherworldly creatures that defy conventional sightings—a treasure hunt of sorts that hinges on deciphering their intricate camouflage codes right before your eyes. The sheer gratification is unparalleled when these elusive beings unveil themselves to you.

Join me as I offer insights into essential guidelines to consider when venturing into these sandy depths, chasing after these masterfully camouflaged celebrity critters.

Frog Fin Kicks: Before anything else, exercise extreme sensitivity in your finning techniques to avoid disturbing the sandy bottom. A seemingly innocuous fin kick has the potential to stir up the sand, possibly obscuring a critter the size of a grain of rice that another diver might be observing just behind you. Embrace the technique of frog fin kicks to minimize sediment disturbance and preserve the delicate underwater environment.


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Dauin – The Beach & Diving Paradise


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