At the Sunday market in Valencia

What started as a farmer’s market years ago and fell asleep during the pandemic, has since morphed into a Sunday market with international flair.

Today, on Sundays from 5 am to 12 noon, this market is frequented by locals, expats from the area and tourists who happen to be in Dumaguete and Negros Oriental.

The locals set up food and drink stalls with their well-known delicacies and several expats have followed suit with stalls offering their typical local specialties. Thus, vegetable and fruit stalls, field and garden tool stalls have been joined by stalls selling plants and flowers and clothing. A public cumba group adds to the atmosphere.

Valencia Plaza, Negros Oriental, is particularly suitable for this event with its shady large old trees.

We spent a nice Sunday morning here and also came home with plenty of loot. Partly the prices were a little higher than normal, but that had been worth the mood to us. We had even gotten two bowls of strawberries, in addition to mangoes, grapes and bananas.

Here are a few pictures with impressions from the video

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