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At an ukay-ukay store in Zamboanguita

We needed some clothing for one-day use. Unfortunately, we didn’t find the right thing in the end and ended up buying new items in another store. It was a good reason for me to pull out my camera and capture a few impressions.

This is a small store in the municipality of Zamboanguita, Negros Oriental. There are entire halls dedicated to ukay-ukay in other places.

SIGHTS of NEGROS ORIENTAL - BLOG - At an ukay-ukay store in Zamboanguita
SIGHTS of NEGROS ORIENTAL – BLOG – At an ukay-ukay store in Zamboanguita

The ukay-ukay industry has gained significant traction in recent years due to its cost efficiency and unique fashion finds.

The story of ukay-ukay in the Philippines

The vibrant and eclectic fashion scene in the Philippines is adorned with a unique phenomenon known as “ukay-ukay”.

In the Filipino language, “ukay-ukay” means “to rummage” or “to sift” and refers to the thriving secondhand clothing industry that has become a cultural and fashion staple in the Philippines. Deeply rooted in sustainability and affordability, this fashion revolution has a fascinating history.

From its humble beginnings as a form of charitable aid to its current status as a fashion movement, the history of ukay-ukay in the Philippines is a testament to the resilience and ingenuity of the Filipino people.

Not only that, but ukay-ukay has since evolved into a thriving industry in the Philippines, providing affordable and fashionable clothing options for Filipinos.

See here our video of the municipality of Zamboanguita:





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