Photo of the Day for January 16, 2024 – Eatery at the port in Sibulan

When exploring the province of Negros Oriental, part of the sugarbowl of the Philippines, one cannot afford to miss the opportunity to savor the local delicacies available in the countless carinderias, or eateries, and local restaurants scattered throughout the cities and municipalities. The culinary scene reflects a fascinating blend of Spanish, Asian, and international influences, creating a rich and diverse cultural gastronomy.

The Visayan kitchen, in particular, offers a myriad of culinary delights that beckon exploration. Many eateries have evolved into restaurant-like establishments, featuring a combination of made-to-order dishes and slow-simmered creations.

In traditional eateries, an array of dishes is presented in pots and trays along a long table. Guests typically make their selections by lifting the lids and pointing out their preferences. A common sight in these establishments is a small BBQ grill complementing the overall setup. On the other hand, more modern eateries showcase their offerings with an appealing display, presenting all dishes in an organized manner. This trend is especially prevalent in food courts within malls and shopping centers.

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