Dauin Mega Mall

The old public market in Dauin, Negros Oriental was razed to ground by fire in 2015. It took until August 17, 2023 to open this new MEGA MARKET to the public.
The MEGA MARKET of Dauin has more than a hundred stalls for tenants and 15 more office spaces. “This market ist not just a symbol of preogress. It is a beacon of hope reflecting the hard work and dedication of the people of Dauin. What we see here is more than a place to buy and sell goods.
The Dauin MEGA MARKET is community hub, nururing ground for dreams and a creator of opportunities.”

Dauin is a Filipino community in the province of Negros Oriental. It has 27,786 inhabitants. The municipality of Dauin borders Bacong to the north and Zamboanguita to the south. To the west, a mountain range forms the border with Santa Catalina. Dauin is located on the east coast of Negros Island. Wikipedia.

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